Where is my magnifying glass?



Congratulations Szkoła Podstawowa nr 8 w Jeleniej Górze, Poland!!!

You have been awarded the Polish Quality Label on 30.05.2009

The Quality Label is awarded to schools to recognise good practice in eTwinning projects.

We have been successfully included in the STELLA European catalogue of science education initiatives and is directly accessible online under

And we have got Stella Quality Certificate. STELLA project is funded with support from the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme. It aims at contributing to the improvement of science teaching in European schools, in particular in order to stimulate young people to undertake science studies.

This project is a way of investigating, considering, and explaining our world and the universe. It includes many ideas, verification, by making observations, carrying out investigations and modeling, and communicating and debating with others eTwinning friends.


ˇ         The Calendar : We have added some videos to listen and learn it.

ˇ         My body : You can play with us.

  • Animals: You can watch videos from YouTube and enjoy with our crafts.

  • Water: Watch a video, answer some questions, read and learn.

Games 1 2 3 4 5 6: Can you tell me "Where is my magnifying glass?" Clic on it and you'll find this detective.


Some interesting web pages, connected with our project.

Learning Science is Fun!

The web pages are strictly connected with the printed materials so then you can use them as an assessment , memorizer or just for fun. See the printed attachments with the same titles.

CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid. Spain

Holywell Primary School, Watford. United Kingdom

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 8 w Jeleniej Górze, Jelenia Góra.  Poland

Vbsz De Regenboog, Belgium