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Congratulations Szkoła Podstawowa nr 8 w Jeleniej Górze, Poland!!!

You have been awarded the Polish Quality Label on 26.05.2009

The Quality Label is awarded to schools to recognise good practice in eTwinning projects.


The project will be divided on a few parts. The aim of the project will be make all calendars with 12 pages (one for each month) with taking advantage of the monthly lecture. There will be essence of the main idea – some special Christmas traditions, nationality, region etc.


CEIP San Juan Bautista. Madrid


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Welcome to our school

Czech Team      Polish Pupils


 Halloween Party International School Library Day


Teacher's Day Independence Day      International Teddy Bear Day


6th of December  / Christmas

Christmas in the Czech Republic    Video          Italy


The Three King's Day  /  The Day of Peace Snowbound UK      Winter time in Poland



The Family's Day / Carnival

Spare Time. Poland
March Origami Polish famous women       Corinne Hofmann        Students give roses
april 23rd April. World Book Day Our weakness - Poland          Disability Czech 1   2


may 15th May. San Isidro's Day Spring is like music - Poland

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